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Company Profile

Established in Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) in the Year 2019, C and J Engineering are engaged in providing various kinds of Service in plants we specialised in providing the following service.

  • ~ Scaffolding Services (With Material or without Material) like Industrial Scaffolding, Construction Scaffolding, Scaffolding For Plants, and Mechanical Scaffolding.)
  • ~ Insulation work for Cyclones, Boiler, preheaters etc (With Material or without Material).
  • ~ Painting Work, Electrical Work, Plumbing Work.
  • ~ Mechanical fabrication work (welding, fitting jobs etc)
  • ~ Guarding, barricading, railing etc.

We are committed to completing work within target dates without compromising on quality and safety



Successfully completed projects


Highly specialised employees

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Safety training program & Tool box training

Safety is always a top priority when working at tall heights. Scaffolding can present numerous hazards, especially if it isn’t properly put together or if specific safety protocols aren’t followed.

Companies that follow the safety guidelines detailed below should prevent most accidents and injuries resulting from working at certain heights.

With the most common hazards in mind, we can take a look at the types of safety standards employees and managers should generally follow.

Cement Plant Scaffolding
construction scaffolding
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Our Products and Services
We manufacture and install:

Industrial Scaffolding
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Construction Scaffolding
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Scaffolding For Plants
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Mechanical Scaffolding
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Scaffolding is a structural frame of metal pipes, typically assembled in a square or rectangular configuration and used to provide access for maintenance and repair work, or for building structures such as bridges and towers. Our range of scaffolding solutions includes steel, wood, plastic and aluminium scaffolding.

Unmatched Customer Service

We produce the best scaffolding tools and unique access items available, along with full scaffold engineering supported by our unmatched customer service. Our team is capable of adding value to any firm, from individual contractors to some of the biggest contractors in the country. Through the use of customised access solutions, we design better, safer, and more effective ways to achieve goals.

We engineer better, safer, greater green approaches if you want to accomplish your goals with our custom scaffolding solutions like Industrial Scaffolding, Construction Scaffolding, Scaffolding For Plants, and Mechanical Scaffolding.

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